Talk to me about Digital Marketing:

Go Green Media is a digital agency I co-created to build online brands using hyper-targeted marketing. We have access to some of the most premium digital marketing technology available. Gone is the day of simply boosting Facebook ads or blindly sending out emails hoping for a sale. This is a digital agency for business owners that want to see the results of their campaigns with a real ROI.

What are you up to here?

My role at Go Green Media encompasses Business Development and strategic content creation. I took on these responsibilities in January of 2018 and take on a very select number of accounts in order to provide the highest quality results. My copywriting background gets good exercise with my clients here as I work with clients to craft blog posts, social media content, and website copy. I've worked on a diverse range of sectors, ranging from restaurants to wealth management companies. 

For work samples, head on over to my Native Content section, take a sip from some social content with wine client JaM Cellars, and see the brand redesign for boutique producer Sea Bird Wines (coming soon!). 

Let's get Digital:

Remember that incredible technology I mentioned? We're using it to convert interest into sales, and to get your products in front of interested buyers that want to hear from you. We do all of this using:

Digital Copywriting | Household IP Targeting | Event Marketing |  Geo-fencing & Geo-retargeting | Display Advertising | Mobile Conquesting | Native Advertising | Retargeting | SEO Optimization

This is just a snapshot of capabilities that we offer, as every client is different. If you don't have a a copywriter or a design team, or perhaps need a brand new website all together, we have the partnerships to bring the best leads to your digital doorstep. Ready to do this thing? Email me to set up a complimentary digital consultation!